Master Squares

Current Version: v1.2 - Released 6/13/2020

What is Master Squares?

Master Squares is a tool to make the Kabalistic Squares a breeze. Also known as Magickal or Planetary Squares, they are known to be very powerful, but are also easily botched. This program will help you complete them efficiently with little room for error, and is usable on many different operating systems.

How to Use (Important!)

First and foremost, read more about each Kabalistic Square and their uses. See which suits your goals, and formulate an affirmation with which to direct the energy generated from the squares.

I highly recommend using the 2020 SS Calendar, which will show you exactly when each square can be started! This astrological calendar was created by fellow SS at Ancient-Forums, and is highly detailed. You also want to make sure the moon is not Void of Course when you first start your square.

Keep in mind that, while very powerful, Kabalistic Squares are also VERY SENSITIVE in that if you chant even 1 repitition more or less than what is required for each specific astrological day, you will ruin your entire working. Typically astrological days start and end around 5AM every day.

Please take the time to read everything very carefully on both of the following webpages:

- Magickal/Kabalistic Squares: How to Correctly Use These

- Index of the Planetary Squares

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Ancient-Forums Topic

- Here you can share feedback about Master Squares.

2020 SS Calendar

- Choose your timezone, and see the optimal times that each planetary square can be started. Also lists when moon is void of course, among other details. Created by fellow SS at Ancient-Forums.


- Downloadable program for Windows that shows planetary hours on any given day.